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Best Lead Extraction Software for your lead generation.

Traffic is the life blood of any business – your success literally depends on how many quality leads you can generate and convert into sales. One of the best ways to generate traffic quickly is by email extractor software. It’s true the whole landscape of your business can change in a little as 24 hours when you buy the right lead extractor software.

What is an email lead extractor? The general premise is to search online for people looking in your field of business and wanting them to email them an offer. Normally this costs between 5 and 20 per lead. The email and swipe file is sent to your squeeze page which collects opt in’s.  A good converting optin page converts at 30% to %50 of the total email sent. From there you will have the emails from subscribers in your niche to follow up with and build a relationship. Generally on your squeeze page you will offer a free gift to entice users to sign up to your marketing list.

You have to exercise caution if you choose to buy leads. There are so MANY folks selling leads these days there are more than a few bad eggs.  You can increase conversions significantly by buying the Best Lead Extractor software. Buyers lists contain serious people who are asking you to email them, therefore they are of more value. Getting lots of clicks from freebie seekers who never intend to buy anything just wastes your time and money.

Purchasing  the Best Lead Extractor is also very versatile. Not only can you generate targeted email leads and traffic in the short term, in the long term you can also become a seller when your list reaches a critical mass. In fact many people get started this way, buying extractor software for their own email marketing campaigns then end up selling a portion of their traffic as an additional revenue source. It’s no wonder that this practice exsists because it is much easier to get paid to send email clicks than to actually sell a product. This is a double edged sword though as, yes it brings in more  sellers to buy from – but as anyone can set up shop quickly it also brings out the scammers.

There is a free version of a similar program you can try out to see how it can work for you. the paid copy also comes with a no spam solution for your use.

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